Escher was a Dutch artist who left us an immense and particular way of seeing reality. If we take a tour of his extensive work, we can appreciate from impossible worlds to imaginary figures and environments. His style is difficult to catalog, since his works do not really belong to a fixed doctrine, nor to a school. It is, simply, Escher, the impossible genius.

The artist from the country of the tulip did not seek to transmit a message through his works, but he simply embodied what he wanted. He played with three-dimensionality, with imagination and with the perfection of geometric shapes, which resulted in a variety of fantastic and fascinating worlds.

Escher painted what came to mind, what he wanted to draw, without thinking about popular or artistic success. To do this, he often turned to his dreams in order to work.

“I don’t use drugs, my dreams are horrible enough.” Escher.



Here we can see how Escher combines unreal worlds with physical space. Each side can be considered the ceiling, wall or floor, and at the same time, different perspectives of the same model are shown. In the background, more fantastic worlds where lunar soil and planets appear in space.

escher other world


Perhaps Escher’s best known work. In it, the observer cannot remain insensitive to it. If the artist’s drawings had a virtue, that was the ability to awaken in the observer a special interest, a mental interaction with the work.

In this, we can see that it is an impossible construction since the ladder starts on the ground floor, while it rests in the same space on the outside of the upper floor. It is really impossible, thus, we can also observe that the columns that support the floor of the upper floor make the structure impossible. As a curiosity we can see that the man who is on top of a bench next to the building, holds in his hands an object whose impossibility is the same as that of the building. If you look closely at the image, you can see the fascinating recreation of the artist through the use of 3-D.

Belvedere escher


In this work, we see Escher playing with points of view again. He shows us a space full of communicating stairs, however, the perfection in the drawing is nothing more than the impossibility of recreating such a painting in reality.

relativity escher


On this occasion we can see some stairs that, although they give the impression that they all have steps that go up, in reality, they all remain at the same height, so it is impossible to build such a staircase in reality.



In this painting we can clearly see how the water that runs through the waterfall, is following its course through a flat space, at the same height, however, it falls at the end of the journey towards a kind of lower section, although, it is really nothing more than the same plane.

waterfall escher


Impeccable use of the technique to show a sphere where it is reflected from the hand that supports it to the ceiling and the floor of “reality”, but in it we see the whole environment, that is, we observe all points in space, 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor.



In day and night we can see that he uses a kind of blending between drawings to form an imaginary whole with them. Undoubtedly, this type of painting was the most used resource by the artist, who managed to form a multitude of fades of various drawings.

"DAY AND NIGHT" escher


Work in which the forms of an angel and a demon are mixed and that are decreasing in size as they move to the edge of the circle, reaching an endless point. It is an example of non-finite space, as they get smaller and smaller.


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