Hat-Trick, its true meaning

We all know what it is to do a hat-trick nowadays, we say this when a soccer player scores 3 goals in the same match (and takes the ball home signed by his teammates, yes). But, really, the origin of this term is not so simple, it is slightly different. For purists, or classics, as they prefer to call it, a true hat-trick occurs when the same player scores, effectively three goals, but one with the left foot, another with the right foot and another with the head. Actually, this variant is much more complicated to carry out and perhaps for this reason the level of difficulty has been lowered to be able to coin the term in question more times.

Given the generalization of the term hat-trick as we all know it, the “classic hat-trick” variant has been created, alluding to the one explained in the previous paragraph.

Another Hat-Trick

Finally, there are more variants regarding the use of this term and that is that in some central and northern European countries, especially in Germany, making a “perfect hat-trick” occurs when the same player scores three goals in one same goal without anyone else having scored between the first and last of his goals.

Funny, but we already know what it is to do a hat-trick, a classic hat-trick and a perfect hat-trick!

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