Hogan’s Alley, the most dangerous city in the world

It is the most dangerous city in the world, but fortunately it is also a training ground for the FBI.

In the 1980s, the FBI wanted their agents to have a bit more realistic training, so they decided to build a small town in which to simulate all kinds of extreme situations, from robbing a bank with hostages to, why not?, the assault of a public building by a mob of madmen dressed as buffalos.

With the help of a team of Hollywood designers they built “Hogan’s Alley” in Virginia, a whole crime city with its houses, supermarkets, cars and restaurants. Since then, FBI agents can have immersive training in a realistic setting, since sometimes they even have actors who act as criminals or civilians. In addition, the installation of cameras throughout the city allows instructors to review the key points of each performance with a later viewing.

Hogan's Alley ciudad fbi
Courtesy of fbi.gov

Despite the fact that the city seems the most peaceful and welcoming, like Disneyland, the truth is that it is the most dangerous in the world, the Bank of Hogan’s Alley, for example, is robbed several times a week.

Hogan’s Alley: Origin of the Name

The name of this fictional city, Hogan’s Alley, was taken as a tribute to one of the most famous comic strips of the late 19th century. In it, the protagonist (The Yellow Kid, and from which the term Yellow Press comes from) lives in an area of New York surrounded by crime and violence.

Hogan's Alley - The Yellow Kid

In 1984, a video game with the same name was released, in which the player becomes a policeman in training and has to shoot at different targets. Although it may seem that this video game took its name from the FBI city, the truth is that it was released three years before its construction, so it is most likely that it took its name from a shooting range in Ohio (Camp Perry), also called that.

Hogan's Alley game

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