Marie biscuits in honor of Marie Alexandrovna of Russia

If, like everybody, you have ever eaten the famous Marie Biscuits, you will like to know their origin.

At the end of the 19th century, James Peek and George H. Frean, master pastry owners of the Peek, Frean & Co. patisserie, decided to create a new type of biscuit that would move away from the traditional pastas that Britain likes so much at tea time.

The pastry shop that triumphed with Marie

When the marriage between the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia was announced, these two pastry chefs saw the wedding as a perfect opportunity to unveil their new product. In honor of the new member of the British royal family, they named the biscuit “Marie”, including her name on the pasta.

The “Marie Biscuit” was born, a type of biscuit that loved the British first and the rest of the world later, being the perfect culmination for a good custard. Its creation was, without a doubt, what today we would consider a spectacular marketing strategy by two pastry chefs. By the way, here is the Marie in question:

María Alexandrovna
Would Marie eat her Marie Bisuits?

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