Persian: Deliberate drunks and decide sober

In this age when leaders around the world have to make risky, tough and controversial decisions, it is good to remember how the Persians did it a long, long time ago.

According to Herodotus, the Persians had a curious way of making their most important decisions: “well drunk.” As Herodotus was very fine speaking, I will tell you in a way that we all understand each other: they made decisions boozy.

The procedure was simple. The Persians were very fond of having a few sips of wine, so they would drink and drink until they were warm. When they started seeing double, then they would deliberate on the matter at hand, make a decision, and go to sleep.

The next day, already sober and fasting, the owner of the house in which they had deliberated repeated aloud the decision they made drunk (if he remembered, of course). If the resolution still seemed good to everyone, they put it into practice, and if not, then they revoked it (and I imagine they get drunk to deliberate again).

Herodotus tells us that the Persians also had another version to deliberate, which was to do just the opposite (the order of the factors does not alter the product): first they made a sober decision and, after a few wines, they checked whether they still seemed right what decided.

It seems that for the Persians any excuse was good as long as they hit themselves a few good drunks.

Source: The 9 Books of History, CXXXIII (Herodotus)

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