The Lovers of Teruel, the legend

The Lovers of Teruel is one of the most fascinating stories of Spain. A legend of love, sadness and disappointment.

Who were the Lovers of Teruel?

According to legend, in the 13th century two young called Juan and Isabel lived in Teruel. These two friends fell in love with each other, however, the difference in category and money between their families made their love impossible for its time.

How they loved and wanted each other so much, they decided to make a pact: He would go to war to gather the fame and fortune that he lacked to match that of his girlfriend, while she would wait for him for 5 years in which she would reject any suitor. So he went to war and she waited.

Fate wanted both of them to strictly fulfill her promises … but also for Juan to arrive one day late, just one day after the agreed 5 years.

When Juan entered the city again, he saw Isabel marry another man. That same night, Juan sneaked into the room of her lover, asking her for a kiss. Despite the desire they both had, she had to refuse the kiss, because she did not want to offend God or her husband, whom she had married that same day. Juan understood her refusal, but his heart was flooded with sadness and, immediately, it stopped beating. Juan died of love.

It is said that, the next day, when the entire city was mourning the recently deceased, a woman dressed in black approached the coffin, kissed the corpse on the lips and, inmediately, fell dead. That woman dressed in black was Isabel, who also died of love after giving Juan the kiss that she denied him during her lifetime.

Both lovers, Isabel de Segura and Juan Martínez de Marcilla, who are said to have inspired Shakespeare for his Romeo and Juliet, were buried together, closing one of the most popular and saddest legends about love and death in the world.

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