The reform at home with which you discover an underground city from 3,000 years ago

Imagine that you are going to do a work at home, you tear down a wall in the basement and a stone cabin appears. And a corridor. And another cabin. And you go down some stairs, and others, and others. And it turns out that you’ve just discovered an underground city that’s over 3,000 years old.

This happened in 1963 to an inhabitant of Derinkuyu (Turkey), discovering an underground city that could house thousands of people in its day.

The Derinkuyu Underground City has up to 18 levels below ground, and the first level is estimated to have been excavated around 1,400 BC. It is, according to the investigations that have been carried out, a fortress to protect the inhabitants of the city of the surface in case of enemy invasion, equipped with all kinds of traps to defeat the invader.

Inside, heavy stone doors have been found to prevent access from the outside, long corridors that connect the different rooms, water wells, warehouses for food, vents, stables, schools and even a temple; But let’s stop imagining and see it in this short video by Luis Tobajas:

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Chema de Aquino

Chema de Aquino

Who I am? I was born in Seville in 1988, I support Betis (manquepierda) and I love writing. I am the author of "Maldito Destino", the phrase that motivates me the most is "if it were easy, anyone would do it" and I currently work at as Project Director (SEO-SEM-Analytics-SM). With this you get an idea, right? :)

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